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I was born in Zagreb to parents who gave me the best possible childhood. By nature, I was a lively, persistent and resourceful child. I attended the I. elementary school in Celje, where I was not the most brilliant student. My Parents were fair workers, so I knew that I could achieve something in my life only if I was educated and worked hard. I did not have much company, so as a child I attended a dance course, a music school, a theater course and a painting course with dr. Djemal in Djokovic. In the field of art and creativity, I always glittered. Here I found my world.

Due to eye diseases, strabioze and high-impact dentistry glasses I was not popular, even teachers at school were often discriminatory towards me. I was not accepted among my peers. The pains that were caused to me by peers and teachers, and the home environment, I could not solve, so I was often sad and I felt these pains.

Through the Middle Construction School, I barely got up. Nobody believed me, I did not have the support at that time. I did not perform the first and second year with sufficient success, so I lost the chance of full-time education at secondary school. The affliction I was in was very big. I thought this was my end.

I found my first job as a cleaner in a hospital where I was cleaning my doctor’s office every day. One day, the doctor talked to me and gave me courage in words and motivated me. This lady believed in me so hard that I felt it myself. She praised me, she said that I really do my job well. After the first praise after a long time, I really bloomed, so I began to explore the energies. Since that day, Madam Doctor has advised me what to do to turn my life in the right direction. For the first time in my life, I had a real counselor. Everything is energy and this affects our lives. For a long time I devoted myself to reading books on personal and spiritual growth, quantum physics, chemistry, and energy in general.

For the first time in my life, I put together my own plan to solve my problem, I accepted responsibility for it and started to implement it. It was the first turning point in my life. All the steps I set up were realistic and accessible, I knew many individuals who successfully completed high school, so I also had the faith that I could.

First, I finally passed the exams, at another high school with other professors, which I could not previously perform because of a bad relationship with professors. I thought that even if I knew everything, I would not have passed the exam. This was the reason I arranged to pass the exams in another place. For the first time in my life, I had the feeling that I had my life in my hands. After passing the exams, I also passed high school.

After high school, I enrolled in Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Maribor, Slovenia. I did not have great choices, my grades were not glossy, so I could enroll in a study where there was no high level of entries. In the second year of my studies, one evening with my classmate Maja on the concert of the Afir Bafir group at Štuk. It was the day that my second major turning point in life took place. I admit that I had a bad feeling at the start, I felt that something would happen.

I have also been asking for space for myself to help me find a favorable solution in order to study the desired study, but I have never seen myself in the role of a bachelor of chemistry. That evening the universe heard my request, I did not come home this night, I was involved in a serious traffic accident, and I was not awake again for a few days.

I very well remember the moment when I was cut out of the Suzuki Maruti car, in which the BMW vehicle collided with 100 km / h. I woke up at the Maribor Hospital, completely immobile, blurred, all broken and swollen with partial loss of memory. The doctors told me that the recovery would be long. I spent several days in the hospital. I had the knowledge of energy, I understand an individual who has health problems with their body. I asked doctors to explain to me why I can not walk. They told me that I would walk but I would be limping. From dusk I like to dance, I did not like such phrases and such a mental attitude of a doctor.

I was in a state of unconsciousness in the moment of the collision, something moved in me a bit. No, I did not see the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel the light. I did not even see God in some form of body. I felt the presence of something bigger than my mind, body, and spirit. The words echoed in me. You have only one option, just one life, do not wait, now and here. All this led to the decision to leave the hospital at my own risk. I knew that I would be able to dance in the future and that I could walk normally, and I had to find the answer in myself. For a long time I knew that alternative medicine, proper nutrition, the balance of the environment in which we live, the proper orientation of thought, energy, water and herbs contribute to self-healing. My friend Maya with whom I was involved in a car accident gave me a letter, in this letter I had information about insurance of AO plus. She told me that I would get compensation. This was a definite sign that I decided to listen to my own vibration, even though I did not tell my parents at home and despite the fact that they strongly opposed my departure in the hospital. I left the hospital in a cart, and here my path to success, self-healing and freedom started.

It was Friday, so I decided to water the body first with acoustic vibrations, my body is a sculpture in the desire to dance. I spent that time working in the Embassy of Gavioli as a barista on the main dance floor. That day, David Morales had his musical appearance. I called my colleague, we drove to Izola, nobody knew about my venture at home. We hid the cart in the student room, and I helped myself with crutches. At the Embassy of Gavioli, my colleagues warmly welcomed me at the VIP entrance. They put me in front of Dj David Morales, I could not walk.

I sat all night, I could abandon the vibrations of the nausea of music, every note with my love overlaid my body. I was physically obstructed, but the upper part of the body was dancing. I was like a butterfly, with my hands moving in the rhythm of love. For the first time, after a long period of time, I felt an intermittent movement of the body in a rhythm. This night I felt love in the sound, I tried the energy of the love of the masses of people to dance and music, so the first steps were made on the path of my treatment. I consumed this mass of energy of the love of all the individuals involved through all the pores of the existence of my own being.

I learned to walk again, to treat and heal a triple fracture in the hip and pelvis, I needed a lot of time for myself. I used this time to read books, just getting to know myself and walking on the crutches. For a distance of 300 m I spent several hours. My friends from chemistry and chemical technology studied me and brought herbal teas made from Cannabis Sativa L. The proposed treatment was difficult to implement, the use of cannabis in Slovenia is prohibited legally, possession and cultivation is forbidden. Such punishable acts today lead to detention, high fines, and also the stigma worn by users were my fears. I listened to my intuition all my life. I had six cups of tea every day. Cannabis Sativa L proven to help bone healing and restore cells in the body.
In self-healing, every individual must be aware that he takes full responsibility for his being, and for each decision he is responsible for himself. For a long time I was completely immaculate, so I devoted much time to visualization, meditation. In any case, Cannabis Sativa L.

At home, my friends stood at my side at their best. That’s how I completely recovered from time to time. Of course, today I am being accompanied by physical limitations in terms of sports, but I have never had the goal of becoming a top athlete.

I went deeper into myself, I read scientific books about the health of the body, tried everything that was available, yoga, reiki, meditation, theta healing ….

Life gave me another chance. I decided to live my dream, after this event, I knew that nobody could stop me. This is how my journey to success began. I made a new plan to go to the Organization and Management in Kranj. That’s why I had to wear hard, my high school grades were not high, so I was just able to pay extraordinary studies. Compensation was necessary for part-time studies.

During my studies, I was a representative of the Student Council at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, as well as at the University of Maribor. I also expanded my experience on TV screens, and as a student and journalist I worked for POP TV, 24 UR at Kolpafest, on TV3 as a journalist in VIP Magazin. Later I became executive editor of Perla fashion and journalist for the magazine Profit. Friend Tia, opened the door to fashion world, I am very grateful to her for every link, every moment. I worked with Tia in the series for 7 days of the life of a model, I watched it on TV 3, I organized fashion shows in Portorož Alayi and Red carpet in the Escape cafe in Celje, and created some collections of clothes.

Throughout my studies I have been developing artworks, so I created a large collection of painting works. Painting calms me and I enjoy it. All works of art were sold out. I had painters exhibitions in Teater in Celje, at the Secondary Technical School, at the Club Kljub Celje, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and more and more. On the mirror of the soul and the Unknown in the hidden. As part of painting exhibitions, I created catalogs of paintings with the help of individuals, whose works of art are still on the walls of the owners and vibrate positive energy in the space.

The time came when I fell in love and gave birth to my son Denis. My son is my sunshine and it means everything to me in this world. Mother’s work changed my life. Despite the child, I was very active. I was practicing at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology, at the Metrology Institute. I learned most from Dr. Karmen Kern Pipan. Before the birth of my son during pregnancy, I began to realize that I would raise my own son, which is why I was depressed. Every day, for the sake of stress and worry, I was getting fat. At some point, this is the time when I started to realize what I was doing of myself, I already weighed 240 pounds. I was very heavy, I was saturated with poison in stress and always alone with a child in a city without real friends. It happened to me the worst. The owner of the apartment where I stayed with the child and the boy started the sale of the apartment. In the middle of not exactly the season I stayed with a child on the road and with a boy whom I could not rely on. In stress I went with the child to the boys parents, they lived in Kranj. They did not have enough room to accept us. The problem was very great, but I could not find the right apartment at all, only the apartments of the higher standard class were available.

In the end, I moved to a high-standard apartment. On the back of my neck, and the owner Mark helped me there. I paid for a high-standard apartment by scratching the walls and preparing walls to the frescoes in the church in Kranj. Due to more difficult working conditions, I also received an extra payment. The apartment had a sauna, jacuzzi and a fitness room. That was the moment I realized that I could take advantage of a unique opportunity and get my figure back. I lost 120 kilograms. It was not an easy task. It took very much self-education, renunciation, and discipline to make this weight loss correct. I helped myself by hiring a professional team that stood by me. I was not rich and I could not afford this treatment. I have always worked in harmony with energy. So I wrote the idea and went from a fitness room to a fitness center in Kranj and asked for help. The Fitness Center Megacenter offered me professional assistance by photographing and eventually even publishing the story in the media. After two years I was losing weight for weight, which is in line with my height of 1meter and 65 centimeters and I could become a model for my own collection of clothes. I created my fashion collections of clothes and I also disassembled and sold them. I always gained all the knowledge on how to do something on the path of achieving the goal.

Throughout this time, I was left with the desire to become a diplomat so that I could fight for human rights, so that I could be an example to travel the world. I started volunteering at the British Council Ljubljana as a lawyer for climate change. With a group of volunteers, we created a project entitled “One day without meat” and were invited to celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II in Ljubljana.

Queen Elizabeth II and the United Kingdom Embassy of England received my art work as a gift, and I myself received a prestigious reference and a recommendation for the work and organization of the conference on the day without meat in Slovenia. My career in diplomacy was open, I had the first recommendation of such a high rank. Peter told me that there is a master study of international diplomatic sciences on the hill near Kranj, where he is the curator of the legal direction and exactly what I wanted. I applied for a selected study at Brdo pri Kranju with the recommendations of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, where my path of human rights advocacy began. As a student, I have been a representative of the Student Council and a representative of the University Council all these years.

I continued my work and my life in Berlin at the ICD Berlin Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. At the moment, my parents came to my aid and took care of my son Denis for a long time. Denis was three years old when I went to Berlin with 3500 Euros. I rented a room over the internet, I admit that my faith was being watched all the time. I did not know what I was going to do. In Berlin, I was greeted by a nice Nina, where I lived, wonderful colleagues and a professional attitude and world diplomacy. I’ve been working for three months, doing my best. I organized three top international conferences with elite state officials. I experienced complete success. After three months they accepted me and I received my first regular employment in Berlin, I became a diplomat and thus again realized dreams.

Due to the nature of the work and the complexity, there was no chance that I would bring my son Denis in Germany, so I decided to return home to my son Denis.

In Celje, I created my own permanent home, my own base. I’m happy I have a husband, a child and a dog. Even after returning from Germany, I was very active, I worked on public relations with the film Exit. I opened my non-governmental organization Civil Society for the Protection of Human Rights on the initiative of my friend Aljoša. I have created many projects, among others, the Counter Culture Festival, the Human Rights Conference, I have conducted a number of workshops on improving my life, steps to success, carrying out a series of legal and other organizational workshops and events. I advise individuals for five years. Today I’m writing the year 2018 I still have many new projects. At the moment, with my friends from Canada and Slovenia, I built a mini hostel in the middle of a forest, so the project of the Solar House of the Šega stream in Makole is slowly developing. I run volunteers in a non-governmental organization, I advise individuals and companies on legality, projects and marketing, through the management of the company, leading to better results. I love my family and I enjoy life.

Today, I want to show you the way to success for you and thus discover your secret of success to help you to your success. I’ll show you all those mysterious steps that you need for your own victory. All you want can be yours, just let it go.

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