Amulet for business and financial abundance




Amulet for business and financial abundance is used to increase levels of happiness and overall business and financial success. The amulet is handmade and drawn with the accompanying activation and operating instructions.

It aims ancient Hebrew writings and information’s for financial success, success in finding a job and / or strengthening your career and business success, success in certain activities and efforts that will bring you success and new financial flows.

Each amulet made must be activated by each person receiving it, instructions are included with the product. The amulet is handwritten and designed for you only, the amulet is not portable, and no one else can activate it except the owner who bought it.

Amulets are drawn by Mag. Sanela Stadler, with the prerequisite so that the amulet is handled properly and, given the instructions given, the amulet will also be properly activated.

In future it will bring great positive influence and support to your life. In case you are not satisfied with the amulet or the impact of the amulet on your life, I will refund the cost of the amulet to the customer. The warranty period is 8 days. The chain of spiritual positive forces is also interrupted by the act of repayment, and consequently all results, visible and invisible, obtained with the help of the amulet are also cancelled.

In 30 days you have to give me feed back.


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