Energy Amulet Flower of life on 100 year old olive wood (7 cm x 5 cm)




It is found in all ancient cultures and religions; one of the older finds of the flower of life is in the Osiris Temple in Egypt, but otherwise it has been found all over the world from Turkey, Ireland to China. It was also studied by Leonardo DaVinci.

We can find it in Slovenian culture too. You can see it, for example, in the Liznjek homestead in the middle of Kranjska Gora, where it is carved into a wooden beam of an old house, which was built in the second half of the 17th century. Its power was also used by our ancestors. If this magnificent form of Sacred Geometry comes into your life, there is a period of learning, learning from other angles, and moving into new dimensions of creation.

The image is programmed with crystals and will bring positive changes to your life. Your perception of life so far is gaining a new perspective that is broader, more open and, above all, important to you. You are coming to a period of abundance, joy, joy of life… It is a source of pure life energy that penetrates all hidden corners and heals, harmonises .. The Flower of Life is made up of 19 circles called the flower wheels. It has 12 semicircles, 6 thirds of 18 sixths. Adding these parts to the whole circles gives the number 30. Three large outer circles give 33 whole circles. Everything in the universe is cyclical, travels along an axis, from creation to completion, and above all travels in more or less pronounced circles. Let’s look at an atom, planets, solar systems … Everything on this planet has its own life cycle, area, space … The concept of interconnecting these circles is our union into families, communities, villages, cities, destinies …

Every year I offer 12 pieces of Energy Amulet Flowers of Life and I get to connect the owners so they have sacred connection to connect to each other and help each other with their own ability. When last Energy Amulet is sold we connect in live online talk and activation of purpose.


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