Energy paintings of Sanela Štadler





The energy of the painting will take over your space and resonate the purpose you bought painting. With its spiral energy, it will fill everything in the room with strong positive vibrations and cause the energies of the space to begin to align with the vibration of success, both personal and business.

This images brings to the space a positive message of a uniquely energy-drawn spiral and has a positive effect on our perception, well-being and positive attitude.

The spiral is an ancient symbol found in all cultures. We often find the spiral in the wild, look at snails, water vortices, galaxies and even spiders knit their spiral webs. Scientists wrote that the meaning of a spiral sign is closely related to the meaning of a circle or center circles. Thus, much like the original one, it probably represented the sun or the sun gods. This is also borne out by the fact that some of the early depictions of the spiral are related to the simple calendars that tracked the movement of this celestial body throughout the year. The unique energy images of the spirals that Sanela Stadler depicts are the oldest known symbol used and reflect the universal efficiency of growth and development. It represents the divine, vital energy and also appears as a symbol of fertility. It often occurs in nature and as such has a profound effect on human consciousness.

Each painting work is used as a personal talisman of the owner, helping to accept and eliminate the turbulent changes in life that are happening to us as part of our development. Embracing change is the greatest freedom we can attain by focusing our consciousness on the present moment in which the power of creation is greatest.

Sanela Stadler is a great friend of the spiral and clearly depicts it again because it has almost mystical meaning. Even in various dances, the spiral movement of the dancers often has ritual and spiritual significance The spirals depicted in the paintings work counteract the accumulation of black thoughts. The symbol is recommended for everyone to be able to think through the multiple lights and positive attitudes that are required to successfully break through any experience. It is easy for a person to muster the courage to experience. With its intervention, the symbol is able to turn the complex from simple to simple. However, it gives the person a clearer insight into a problem that can be easily solved by observing a wall painting. Each image is unique and a certificate is attached to the image. The author’s signature is on the back of the picture, each picture has an explanation attached.

Every painting is numbered and every owner will get one free live online consultation how to use the painting.


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